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About HOGA

Before we tell you the HOGA story, we would need to start with telling you about ‘Gaharu’ or Agarwood. Just what is ‘Gaharu’? To put it simply, it is a resinous wood with a distinct fragrance derived from Aquilaria trees that are found mainly in Asia but are threatened by heavy logging and is listed as an endangered flora species today.


  • In love with great taste and beautiful flavours?
  • Looking for the ultimate gifting inspiration to delight a friend, family member or colleague?
  • After the perfect present to say thank you to your faithful customers?
  • A tea connoisseur in search of a unique and unusual new tea?

We have got the perfect little or large something for you!

Affiliate Program

  • 5 – 10% commission
  • Regular newsletter updates (bestsellers, new product launches, seasonal campaigns)
  • Automated product feed
  • Dedicated offers, incentives and exclusive voucher codes
  • Regularly updated seasonal banners in all regular sizes
  • Lifestyle images
  • Hundreds of products online
  • Personal support through the Hoga Affiliate Team