HOGA Heritage

An Ancient Chinese Emperor;
A Japanese Heir;
A Malaysian Entrepreneur;
A Change Encounter.

About HOGA & Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng

Gaharu Technologies was formed in 1992. This was the brainchild of an established Japanese botanic and an ambitious Malaysian entrepreneur, who together nurtured hybrid Gaharu (Agarwood) trees over rich fertile grounds in Gopeng, which now has come to be known as the Gaharu Tea Valley. Their vision was to create a holistic way of living using one of nature’s best kept secret which was the Gaharu trees produce. Hence the name HOGA, which is actually abbreviates from Holistic Gaharu.

Gaharu Tea Valley prides itself as being the first organic sustainable Gaharu plantation in Malaysia. There are over 200,000 Agarwood tress at the plantation, aged up to to 25 years. Gaharu Tea Valley since its formation has attracted many people from all walks of life as a tourist destination that provides a unique natural experience amidst a healthy surrounding.

HOGA Quick Facts

About HOGA Tea

HOGA Agarwood Herbal Tea (HOGA Tea) originated from an ancient recipe but has been extensively researched and formulated to ensure the highest effectiveness while maintaining its unique aroma and flavor.The HOGA Tea is naturally crafted using only the finest ingredients from the whole Agarwood tree that widely cultivated at the organic Gaharu Tea Valley in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia.

HOGA Tea Production

Different FORM of HOGA Tea

Not Just Any Tea

HOGA Tea, is filled with natural goodness from the Agarwood tree. It is rich in antioxidants and a bioactive compound called mangiferin which provides our body added protection from oxidative stresses and cell inflammations.

Traditionally, HOGA tea also benefits us in many ways: from regulating blood sugar levels to reducing uric acid and from relieving anxiety to having better sleep.

Do You Know

HOGA Tea not only can be served as a drink but it can also be used in your culinary and as an ingredient in your beauty formulas. HOGA Tea acts as a NATURAL enhancer that enhancers the taste, goodness and also the properties of ingredients in your culinary where else in your beauty formulas, HOGA Tea helps to purify and detoxify. Try our HOGA Tea with the recipes shared by us and enjoy the full goodness of it in your daily life towards the HOLISTIC living.


HOGA Tea Characteristics

Best way to prepare HOGA Tea

Do not throw away used HOGA Tea

About “Gaharu Gopeng”

The Agarwood trees growing at Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng are unique hybrid species that are geographically indicated as “Gaharu Gopeng” (GI2013-00005) making it truly a signature Agarwood.


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