The Great Wall of Gopeng

The iconic Gaharu Tea Valley Great Wall welcomes you as you come in. The 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide wall was built around the plantation to keep intruders and wild animals away.

HOGA Hilltop View & Cafe

Jaw-dropping view of the entire plantation at an elevation where the highest negative ion concentration is. Get a free negative ion therapy gifted by the nature by inhaling fresh air in the tea valley. A good place to relax and unwind while you enjoy a cup of HOGA Agarwood Tea or coffee and not to forget the one and only HOGA Agarwood Tea ice-cream in the world.

Hugging Park

An amazing fusion of lively, vivid “Tree Painting” art and nature enable visitors to hug the Agarwood trees for good vibe.

Spot for Malaysia national butterfly- Raja Brooke’s Birdwing

Lovers Park & Waterfall

An intertwining of centuries-old trees grow together in the tea valley and embrace each other like lovers. As the branches are connencted and inseparable , the locals named them “The Lovers Tree”.

Get to know the history of Gopeng from the wall arts all along the way. Enjoy the waterfall, scenaries and the sound of nature.

HOGA Time Tunnel

HOGA concept is made realized in 1992 when our founder Mr.David Ho received 200 Gaharu seedlings from a Japanese researcher, Mr.David Ho with his passion, perseverance and determination made an oath to his Japanese friend to undertake the cultivation and production of the Gaharu trees to benefit the world socially, physically, and mentally, in other worlds – holistically. It is well known that the Gaharu trees produce a highly sought-after resin that make Gaharu trees the most precious wood in the world. Gaharu is also called the “Wood of God” and it is a gift to mankind.Gaharu was used by Royal Kingdoms around the world way long before the date.

HOGA Agarwood Gallery

The finest Agarwood collection in Gaharu Tea Valley.

A carefully selected collection of Agarwood extracted from aged Agarwood in Gaharu Tea Valley.The soothing and exquisite smell of Agarwood will give you an atmosphere of natural charm.

You can find all kinds of Agarwood incense products here such as Agarwood chips, Agarwood chunks,Agarwood accessories,Agarwood oil,Agarwood incense stick, Agarwood burner and more.

HOGA Shop & HOGA Deli

HOGA Tea, is filled with natural goodness from the Agarwood tree. It is rich in antioxidants and a bioactive compound called mangiferin which provides our body added protection from oxidative stresses and cell inflammations.

Traditionally, HOGA tea also benefits us in many ways: from regulating blood sugar levels to reducing uric acid and from relieving anxiety to having better sleep.